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One night during a show at the "Cambridge Corn Exchange"  we were spotted by a student who was studying at Trinity College Cambridge.This was Kenneth King. He approached us and explained that he was actively working as a producer for "Decca Records".......through his own company "Jonathan King Enterprises".   He was about to release "Everyones gone to the Moon" under his recording name of Jonathan extremely clever man, who knew how to drive the music market at that time!

He had a song called "ITS GOOD NEWS WEEK"........and asked us if we would like to record it for Decca. The scene was set.......heres a group working on "V" Bombers.....just the answer for an unusual song. We were using the name" Hedgehoppers "at the time.....and Ken came up with the idea of adding here starts the parable of the song...... and its effects......that put me into the pop world.......from a Corporal to the complete madness of the  pop jungle!!























We ended up in a  London studio with Jonathan King as producer under the musical direction of a great gentleman named Arthur Greenslade. Jim Sullivan ( Big Jim in the trade) added interesting music on guitar. The fade out on the end was very clever. Meanwhile, we were starting to get into deep water over recording a song whilst still serving  in the RAF without proper authority.......the record was released on Decca and started bringing newspaper reporters and photographers to the base.......along with young girls seeking autographs!.........and that got us into deep water!!



I remember being summoned before the Commanding Officer of the base who held the rank of Group Captain......then being marched in at quick time by the Station Warrant Officer to answer questions on very sensitive subjects . "What gave you the right Corporal Tinsley, to go recording for a record company when you know darned well you didnt have the authority.........Ive a good mind to put you on a court martial"    The station warrant officer gave a slight laugh, much to the annoyance of the CO and said "You cant do that sir........they are playing in the Officers Mess tonight". The CO reminded  me Queens Regulations regarding activities and employment outside the rules of the forces...and what we were allowed to participate in doing our leisure....and free time.


I quickly brought to his attention the fact that we had not in any way, brought the service into disrepute........quite the opposite.....we were advertising the airforce to attract interest. This statement was as popular ,as you can well imagine, "a fart in a spacesuit".

Gradually, as the record climbed to No.3 it became more difficult keeping the lid on the kettle!........and after a short period of time,along with other personal problems, which I cannot venture into,saw me leave the RAF......along with John Stewart.   Les Dash and Ray Honeyball could not be released.....but we all appeared on "Top of the Pops"

Unfortunately we had to replace Ray and Les with new members namely Tom Fox ( bass) and Glenn Martin (drums). to complete tours.This left John Stewart on lead guitar and Alan Laud on Rythm guitar.  "Chris Peers Promotions" were our agents in the West End.They had Spencer Davis, the great late Long John Bawdry, Trinity Auger, Pinkertons Colours and Millie of "My boy Lollipop" fame. We were also with agent Tito Burns who had The Searchers .Also a lovely husband and wife team "Harry Hammond Agency". They were great and used to feed me up because I was starting to get a bit skinny!!




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